Letter to Bro. Fermin Pamintuan Regarding the Nature and Role of the Torah

Good morning Bro. Fermin


In light of the first and great commandment, which says we are to love Yahuah our Elohim with all our heart and MIND and soul, you will undoubtedly agree that our teaching and doctrines should not contain inconsistent/irrational/unscriptural elements. During our study and discussion up to this point, I have been listening carefully for a harmonious, consistant, and scripture-based position, but have been sadly disappointed. Here are a few of the inconsistant and/or irrational and/or unscriptural items that have made an appearance so far:


  • you stated that the "ceremonial law" was nailed to the cross....but scripture never even mentions a "ceremonial law", nor does it mention the nailing of any law whatsoever to the cross, but rather it speaks of the nailing of the record of our transgressions of the law to the cross (Colossians 2:14).
  • when asked to define the "ceremonial law", you stated that it was the handwritten (by Moses) scroll of the law/Torah that was placed in the side of the ark of the covenant, which was to be a witness against disobedient Israel (Deuteronomy 31:26)....but when I picked out a dozen or so precepts from that law and nailed them to the cross, you seemed rather uncomfortable, and could not agree that my nailing operation was legitimate.
  • you declared that the sabbath (days) mentioned in Colossians 2:16 are the feast days, while scripture evidence demonstrates beyond the shadow of a doubt that they are seventh-day sabbaths.
  • you stated that the writings of Sister White are to be tested by scripture....but when confronted by some of the many statements she wrote calling for every church to assemble for worship on Christmas day, to bring gifts for the Almighty Yahuah on this day, to help the poor celebrate this day, refused my challenge to demonstrate how you would test these writings by scripture, but rather you berated me for insisting on a demonstration of the test procedure. To make things even more confusing and difficult for me to understand, you affirmed that these statements were written under the guidance of the Holy Spirit....but then you said you do not comply with them or believe them. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems to me that you feel the writings of Sister White are only really truly inspired when they agree with what you believe, but are not really truly inspired when they don't agree with what you believe.
  • you categorically stated that the feast days were NAILED TO THE CROSS as a part of the "ceremonial law" which was/is contrary to us/a witness against us....but then you went on to tell me that the most solemn of all the feast days, specifically Yom Kippur or the Day of Atonement, was fulfilled 1800+ years after the cross, on the EARTHLY LITERAL ANNUAL DAY OF ATONEMENT, and that its fulfillment has ushered in great blessing from Heaven rather than something contrary to us and against us.
  • you stated that the "ceremonial law" was nailed to the cross because it was a witness against the ancient Israelites who transgressed it....but when I pointed out that Sister White clearly stated that the 10 Commandments written in stone are to stand at the end of time as a "testimony against" (manuscript 122:1901, quoted in 1BC 1109) those who transgress them, you would not concede to the obvious and consistant conclusion, namely, that the 10 Commandments should also be nailed to the cross.


While you raised several other points which could be mentioned here as well, I believe that the foregoing list is sufficient to familiarize those who did not attend our studies regarding the matters which we dealt with, and also to give you an idea of what I would like explained and clarified.
I look forward to our next study.


Sincerely, your brother in the Messiah Yahuahshua,
Ron Buhler

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