Michael Rood Needs A Rood Awakening

The following letter was written after returning from a ROOD AWAKENING tour of Israel in the fall of 2004. In light of the recent meltdown of Michael Rood's Ministry, I have felt that the information in this letter should be more generally available. While I am not privy to details regarding events and behaviour which brought the present ministry crisis to a head, I am a first-hand witness, as you will learn shortly, to Michael's out-of-control personal life and habits. I believe we should petition our Heavenly Father to give Michael a spirit of repentance, and also to give Jamie Louis and the other ministry staff strength to maintain their call for that repentance on Michael's part.


Shalom fellow "Rood Awakening" tour pilgrims!


Doris, Susanna, and I would like to thank each of you for the pleasure of your company on our recent tour of the Land. Special thanks to Michael himself, and Judith, Jamie, and Connie for presenting a very carefully planned and highly educational and inspirational program. We have many good memories of the journey, the teachings, and the places we visited.

I have had a keen interest in healthful living for many years, and have come to understand that we have a solemn duty before our Maker to be the best stewards we can possibly be of the soul temples He has provided for us. In the language of Scripture: "Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you? If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy: for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are." I Corinthians 3:16,17. In view of the foregoing, there were some things I observed during our tour that deeply disturbed and disappointed me. I have felt it to be my duty to pass on some counsel and contacts which I pray may be helpful in addressing a clear need. Please accept what follows as a sincere brotherly attempt to help Michael (and some others also - if the shoe fits, wear it!) present an acceptable living sacrifice to our Messiah.



The specific lies I refer to here sound like this:

  • the Almighty approved, and even commanded, the use of alcoholic wine in Scripture.
  • non-alcoholic grape beverages were available for only one week out of the year in Israel during Biblical times.


The consequence of inheriting these lies was a spectacle to behold. To be perfectly frank, I was uncertain at times if we were really in the Land of Promise, or if somehow we had gotten stuck back in Frankfurt at some wild Octoberfest celebration! On various occasions, we had the "opportunity" to observe the alcohol-influenced guide and spiritual leader of our entourage behave like an absolute idiot or worse, and, amongst other things:

  • threaten to force feed the entire group with beer by pouring it down their throats
  • actively encourage, cajole, and persuade pilgrims, including youthful pilgrims, to experiment with smoking tobacco, one of the most dangerous and addictive substances on the planet.

On one occasion when alcohol was being served I asked Michael if anything non-alcoholic was available. With a sneer, he told me there might be a few non-alcoholic olives left to satisfy my thirst!


Enough of history for now - it is history, after all, and cannot be changed. The future, however, is another matter: it CAN be different, and if we learn the truth, the truth can make us free. So what is the truth regarding alcohol? The truth looks like this: alcohol is a poison and an addictive narcotic which damages every organ in the body. It particularly damages the mind and spiritual action centers, destroying willpower and discernment. Its use is not approved by the Almighty Yahuah in Scripture; but various translators who loved their alcohol made it look like its moderate use is approved. Non-alcoholic grape beverages were available year-round in Biblical times and were prepared and preserved in several ways.


I am furnishing each of you with a copy of "Wine in the Bible" by Samuel Bacchiocchi, the best study I am aware of regarding the use of wine by believers. Most of you will receive the abridged edition: I would strongly encourage you to obtain the original unabridged version should you desire more in-depth historical information and documentation.

You mentioned, Bro. Michael, that some time ago certain providences and revelations seemed to stop happening around your ministry.

After observing some of the things which occurred on our journey, I can only say "Thank Heaven that's all that happened, and that the Almighty didn't take you out completely, like He did the sons of Aaron!" (Leviticus 10) The Messiah's Royal Priesthood needs 24 hour/day spiritual clarity, and my prayer is that you will shortly possess this clarity, and accomplish yet bigger and greater things for the Master than you have already.

While we're still on the theme of what SHOULDN'T be happening, I would like to mention the following points:


  • caffeine in coffee, tea, and cola drinks is an addictive poison and should be completely avoided.
  • cheese is toxic to the body and creates severe congestion, as do all other dairy products also.
  • sugar is toxic to the body, depleting it of vital minerals and damaging the immune system.
  • all kinds of meats, including kosher meats, carry significant risk of creating serious problems


due to animal diseases, antibiotic and hormonal contamination, high fat/cholesterol levels, low fiber content (actually, no fiber content!), and high protein content leading to an acidic condition in the body which causes osteoporosis and many other ailments.


Detailed confirmation of all the above points plus lots of excellent guidance to help you return to the original Genesis diet of fruits, grains, nuts, and vegetables, may be obtained from the following ministries:

I would urge all of you to consider very seriously the contents of this letter. I visited Israel six years ago with Tabernacles of Praise from Florida, and had a few opportunities along the way to share healthful living concepts. Sadly, my advice wasn't taken too seriously, and when we visited the congregation in Florida this year we learned the rest of the story. Our tour leader from six years ago has died of cancer, and his second-in-command has had major bypass surgery! Bro. Michael, this could be your fate in a few short months or years if things do not change!
My wish for you and all fellow pilgrims is that you "mayest prosper and be in health, even as [your] soul prospereth." (3 John 2) I look forward to meeting you all again in the future, Heaven willing.


Sincerely, your brother in our Messiah Yahuahshua,
Ron Buhler

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