Sodom and Gomorrah

Shalom Bro. Gabor


Thanks for the Jonathan Gray report on Sodom and Gomaorrah - yes, by the grace of the Almighty I was able to see and experience for myself the remains of the cities of the plain during my journey through Israel last year.


You mentioned you had some contact with a brother who was writing a book to show that Sodom and Gomorrah were not destroyed due to their rampant homosexuality. You might suggest that he not waste his time, since the Almighty Yahuah specifically declares in His Holy Torah (Leviticus 18:22-28; see also II Peter 2:6-10) that those who practice this abomination are so reprehensible that the land itself will vomit them out, AS IT ALREADY VOMITED OUT THE HOMOSEXUAL-INFESTED NATIONS WHICH OCCUPIED THE LAND OF ISRAEL BEFORE THE HEBREWS ARRIVED, i.e. THE NATIONS WHICH ONCE OCCUPIED THE 5 CITIES OF THE PLAIN! The ashes and brimstone which now cover these cities are the literal vomit of the earth, custom-ejected by divine order from the the fracture in the earth's crust known as the Great Rift, which runs beneath what is now the Dead Sea. This "earth vomit" was the Almighty's appointed agency to provide an appropriate burial for those who took up with the alternative lifestyle we are discussing, and not coincidentally it included a significant SULPHUR component to give the entire area some serious antibiotic therapy and thus prevent whatever venereal disease/plague organisms the sodomites were percolating from spreading and possibly threatening human existence!


I am sending in a separate email a brief study on alcohol, homosexuality, and Scripture history. You may want to forward it to the brother you are communicating with to assist him in his research.


Ron Buhler

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