Comment On Soy

Hi Pam

Good to hear that you received the packet I sent, and that you have mailed the picture we ordered.


Re. soy - I'm afraid this is much bigger trouble than most of us have yet realized. For many years we used lots of soy, and in retrospect I can see several of soy's ill effects quite close to home. I read some things 5 years ago and eliminated soy, and I've never felt better! 3 years ago, at Modern Manna's Health and Healing Crusade in California, both Charlotte Gerson and Dr. Lorraine Day warned strongly against soy, which helped to confirm me in my decision, but there is much more evidence available now than any of us had a few years ago. Read "The Whole Story" for quite a complete look at this subject.


There are those who say that the warning against soy is not credible, since some who are sounding it consume animal products and may be shilling for the meat and dairy industries, whose bottom line is negatively affected by soy. To which I respond.....that evidence should be weighed on its own merits, not on the basis of what some of those who present it may happen to eat. Neither Charlotte Gerson nor Dr. Lorraine Day are known as promoters of animal food in the diet, and I personally am a vegan, for interest's sake. Kaayla Daniels, who wrote "The Whole Soy Story", states at the beginning of her book that neither the beef nor dairy industries sponsored her or her book.



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