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Dr. Joseph Mercola. Although Dr. Mercola does not yet see the wisdom behind a plant based diet, his site is an outstanding resource for researching a host of health and scientific issues. Enter the following words in the "search" box on the homepage and prepare for your understanding to take a quantum leap!:

  • excitotoxins
  • soy
  • alcohol
  • GMO foods - for discussion of the dangers of genetically engineered food
  • DNA Crick LSD - to learn how the discoverers of the structure of DNA and of gene splicing techniques used drug-induced trances (i.e. connection to the demonic realm) to obtain their understanding.
  • vitamin D video

Also, don't miss "The Town of Allopath" animated allegory (available on the homepage) to add a little entertainment to your learning experience.

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Jewish genetics. Read this article for scientific proof that the descendants of the Biblical Israelites, and in particular the descendants of the priestly family, are amongst us today. Refutes the idea that the people we call Jews are all or mostly Khazers or Edomites or some other non-Israelite imposters.

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The Book of Jasher. Very valuable ancient Jewish spiritual history book mentioned twice in the Bible (Joshua 10:13 and II Samuel 1:18). Offers incredible insights into life before the flood, such as the following:
-Enoch was, practically speaking, the "Moses" of the pre-flood world, teaching the holy statutes and judgments of Yahuah to all who would listen (chapter 3).
-transgression of the command of Yahuah by the use of chemical/ pharmaceutical "sorcery" to cause contraception or sterilization was common, and the men of that generation were so carnal that they abhorred women who had born children because their figures and anatomy post-partum were not as titillating as those of women who had never had children (chapter 2).
-men living in the days of Noah "took from the cattle of the earth, the beasts of the field, and the fowls of the air, and taught the mixture of animals of one species with the other (i.e. genetic engineering), IN ORDER THEREWITH TO PROVOKE YAHUAH" .... and they succeeded beyond their wildest imaginations, causing Yahuah to bring a universal flood upon the earth to destroy all the wicked people and corrupted life forms (chapter 4).

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