Ephesians 2:15

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Are You Circumcised By (To) The Beast?!?!

Utilizes a discussion of circumcision by (to) the beast to provide context for review of several other important matters. Not aware of the nature and ramifications of circumcision by (to) the beast? .....well, read this article and dissolve your ignorance. Written for brethren, but can also be read with profit by spiritually-minded sisters.

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The Law In Colossians Version 2.1 (January 2009) - Flo Bors. Greatly expanded MUST SEE PowerPoint study which clearly explains what Sha'ul/Paul is actually saying in Colossians 2; now includes extensive new material dealing with Ephesians 2:15 and with what is actually being referred to when the Scriptures speak of the "law". Professionally prepared by Brother Flo Bors, who attends annual sabbath convocations with us here in Ontario. Once the PowerPoint program
has begun, click your mouse to advance through the presentation, and press
Escape (Esc) at any time to exit the program.

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