Minneapolis conference of 1888 and the feast days

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The Skeleton In The SDA Closet Of 1888 - Norm Bradley

Informative essay showing how Seventh-day Adventist conference "brethren" fought against an understanding of Waggoner and Jones regarding the "law in Galatians" .... and how that understanding, had it been accepted, would have opened the way for light to shine from Heaven regarding the critical importance of end time observance of the moedim/feast days of Yahuah.

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Shauna Manfredine. In depth discussion of the Hebrew Roots/restoration of divine institutions movement as fulfillment of prophecy and maturation of the 1888 message of righteousness by faith presented by brothers AT Jones and EJ Wagoner. Several useful books and PowerPoint studies are available on this site. Shauna organizes annual sabbath gatherings in Oregon.

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