Modesty - inward and outward

icon arrow,, by Paul Nison. Florida-based Messianic ministry with special unction to teach about health and the importance of raw food, critical Torah truths, and inward and outward modesty. Source for many useful supplements and health-promoting items. Sign up online to receive Paul's frequent health and Torah video updates for free..

icon arrow and by Linda Kirk + Gwen Shorter. Two informative websites showing how to dress and live modestly.

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The High Price of Fashionable Footwear - Liliane Balbach

In-depth discussion of the many health and other problems associated with wearing high-heeled shoes.


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Russia, miraculous escape from

Call or email me for information on how to obtain this critical must-read teaching which recounts how divine intervention enabled True Worshippers to escape from severe persecution and death in communist Russia. The author of the article has requested that his name and the article itself be removed from all websites, and I have honored his request by taking it down from, but I would strongly urge you to get in touch with me so that you can learn how to read this account of history for yourself. As another author has written, "We have nothing to fear for the future, unless we forget how our Heavenly Father has led us in the past", an admonition that is particularly relevant as we see the history of persecution in Russia getting ready to repeat itself in North America today. As you read this highly unusual and inspiring message you will learn what real true primitive Elohim-likeness ("Godliness") is, how those who possess it have been and will be blessed with miracles of divine protection and guidance, and how the gifts and presence of the Ruach ha Kodesh/ "Holy Spirit" depart from congregations where women dress immodestly and refuse to wear a head covering.

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The Sin of Bathsheba

We all know that David sinned in his affair with Bathsheba ... but did Bathsheba's decision to expose her "very beautiful" (II Samuel 11:2) body right next to the king's house constitute sin as well? Read this article for a clear and well-supported answer in the affirmative, and for a good discussion of the lessons we all should learn from this sad chapter in Israel's history.

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