Sacrifice Concepts

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Open THOU Mine Eyes

Basic Torah study guide which provides understanding that you need if you want to SEE the TRUTH that makes you FREE.

Download print edition (Adobe Acrobat PDF file)
NOW AVAILABLE ON CD! A much expanded version of "Open THOU Mine Eyes" along with Bonus Study "Did Our Messiah Flunk Engineering 101?" are now available on a 2 1/2 hour 2-CD set designed for your own personal study and particularly for use as a tool to help you share Hebrew Roots understanding with friends, relatives, and even enemies! Handing out this CD set is an effective way to comply with our Master's instructions in Matthew 5:17-19 and Matthew 28:19,20, and could very well result in more stars on your crown when the Master hands out rewards for services rendered. Quantity pricing for this 2-CD set is as follows:

1 set - $10 CAD
2-10 sets - $9 CAD each
11-100 sets - $8 CAD each
101-500 sets - $7 CAD each
501-1000 sets - $6 CAD each
1001+ sets - $5 CAD each

Please note that all prices include shipping and handling to any address in the USA or Canada; orders sent to other countries may require additional shipping. To order, email me with your name, address, and number of CD sets desired, and submit payment using the PayPal button on the bottom of the homepage. May Yahuah bless you in your witnessing efforts!

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Are You Circumcised By (To) The Beast?!?!

Utilizes a discussion of circumcision by (to) the beast to provide context for review of several other important matters. Not aware of the nature and ramifications of circumcision by (to) the beast? .....well, read this article and dissolve your ignorance. Written for brethren, but can also be read with profit by spiritually-minded sisters.

Download print edition (Adobe Acrobat PDF file)

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"Asherah - The Christmas Tree Custom" and "Baal & Asherah - The Sun King & His Consort" Lew White. Detailed studies on the origins of many Christmas traditions, and the real meaning of Christmas decorations such as the evergreen wreath and the Christmas tree with its glass balls, tinsel, and strands of lights. If you haven't bothered to study up on this subject before, I can promise that you'll never be the same after you read these articles! Also contains a bonus study showing how a certain worship practice of some Shiite Moslems today is identical to a worship practice that was carried on by the priests of Baal and Asherah in apostate 10-tribe northern Israel in the days of Ahab, Jezebel, and Eliyahu/Elijah.

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