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Dr. Joseph Mercola. Although Dr. Mercola does not yet see the wisdom behind a plant based diet, his site is an outstanding resource for researching a host of health and scientific issues. Enter the following words in the "search" box on the homepage and prepare for your understanding to take a quantum leap!:

  • excitotoxins
  • vaccination
  • soy
  • alcohol
  • GMO foods - for discussion of the dangers of genetically engineered food
  • DNA Crick LSD - to learn how the discoverers of the structure of DNA and of gene splicing techniques used drug-induced trances (i.e. connection to the demonic realm) to obtain their understanding.
  • vitamin D video

Also, don't miss "The Town of Allopath" animated allegory (available on the homepage) to add a little entertainment to your learning experience.

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National Vaccine Information Center; Clearinghouse for information and links dealing with all kinds of vaccination issues.

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