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NEW – Pastor Fred Phelps and congregation/Westboro Baptist Church/WBC. Pastor Phelps and his congregation are to the final generation before the end of this age what Noah was to the final generation before the Flood; an uncompromising voice of warning and call to repentance, particularly with reference to the abominations of homosexuality, abortion, and other moral perversions. As you might expect from a Baptist congregation, there are a few areas in their doctrinal department that need some upgrading (re. Calvinist predestination, the usual Christian Sunday worship practice, and their typical Christian understanding of the “ceremonial law,” in particular), but don’t let these matters prevent you from being blessed by their anointed ministry and websites! WARNING – please be aware that WBC websites are among the most controversial and hard-hitting on the entire World Wide Web; be prepared for a revolution in your spiritual awareness!

You can profitably spend days on WBC websites, but a few suggestions to begin your research from the WBC main website homepage are as follows:

  • “God’s Hatred in the Bible” for an “It is written” commentary regarding the divine attribute of hatred. WBC is one of the few ministries that I am aware of that has cashed in on the Creator’s first promise to fallen mankind – “I will put HATRED (Strong’s #342; KJV English “enmity”) between thee (the serpent, ha satan) and the woman (the Heavenly Woman - Rev. 12, Wisdom, the Bride - Rev. 21), and between thy seed (i.e. proud rebellious sinners, children of their father the devil like the Jewish leaders in the Messiah’s day – John 8:44) and her seed (Wisdom’s children – Matthew 11:19, Heaven willing including you and me).” Genesis 3:15 ………. and WBC is the ONLY ministry I am aware of that comes close to fitting the Messiah’s prophetic declaration that His true followers would be “hated of ALL men for My name’s sake.” Matthew 10:22, Mark 13:13, Luke 21:17
  • “Fag Marriage Amicus Brief” for references from Jewish historical writings identifying marriage contracts between men and nuptial songs to celebrate the sexual unions of men and animals as the “final straw that broke the camel’s back” as far as Almighty Yahuah was concerned; when He saw those things He concluded that mankind had departed so far from His original plan and purpose for them that He would no longer support their life. BTW, it behooves every one of us humble created beings to be extremely mindful of what is going on in the thinking of the One Who holds our breath in His hand. Job 12:10
  • “FAQ” for detailed doctrinal teaching and WBC history.
  • “Archive” and “FAQ” for teaching regarding IMPRECATORY PRAYER, or praying for curses, along with an excellent, timely, and appropriate totally Scripture based imprecatory prayer for the USA. Everybody on Planet Earth can pray this prayer for the USA, and if you live outside the USA you can also use this prayer as a model to develop an imprecatory prayer that is tailor-made to address the particular strains of wickedness that are being cultivated in your home country. It will serve equally well as a model to develop an imprecatory prayer to address high-handed spiritual rebellion and wilful blindness towards Torah truth that may exist in your apostate church or assembly.
  • “Follow On Twitter” for hourly updates on WBC witnessing and teachings.
  • “Archive” for “Wedding of Brent and Shirley” – model message for a wedding sermon!
  • for real history on this dangerous false religion and its “prophet” Mohammed.
  • for abundant documentation regarding the fag enabling and promoting nature of virtually all commercial media.
  • to identify the moral rot that has spread through virtually every country on Planet Earth, with Canada (which has banned WBC from entering the country!) and the USA being two of the worst.
  • for extensive documentation of the Roman Catholic Church as the biggest pedophile rape machine in history, truly “a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.” Rev. 18:2

To follow WBC witnessing as reported in the public media, search for “Westboro Baptist Church,” click on the “filters” button, and then click on “upload date” of “this month” or “this week” for the latest reporting.

And finally, for a good selection of YouTube videos covering WBC teachings and history, go to John Vega’s Hebrew Roots website click on “articles” and then click on “America is doomed!” I must say, along with Bro. John Vega, “I love the Westboro Baptist Church!”

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