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Avi Ben Mordechai. In-depth teaching on several major Torah subjects, and source for books and DVDs you can order and use for sharing. On Avi's homepage go to "support and resources", then go to "teaching articles" and read:

  • The Aviv Calendar
  • Paul's Letter to the Galations. After you've read this introduction to Galatians I would highly recommend that you purchase "Galatians: A Torah-Based Commentary in First Century Hebraic Context".

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An Open Response to Bob Trefz' Critique of the Appointed Times and Sacred Name of the Mighty One of Israel.

Detailed response to each point raised by Bob Trefz in his "Cherith Chronicle" critique of feast day observance and the use of the Sacred Name of the Mighty One of Israel. Includes dozens of selected articles which offer additional insight and perspective on the matters under discussion.


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Rico Cortes. Access point for many excellent Torah teachings. You can also view full length videos of many of Rico's teachings at

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The Skeleton In The SDA Closet Of 1888 - Norm Bradley

Informative essay showing how Seventh-day Adventist conference "brethren" fought against an understanding of Waggoner and Jones regarding the "law in Galatians" .... and how that understanding, had it been accepted, would have opened the way for light to shine from Heaven regarding the critical importance of end time observance of the moedim/feast days of Yahuah.

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