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NEW - Joe Cross/Reboot Your Life. You absolutely must watch FAT, SICK, AND NEARLY DEAD (available for purchase at the website above or to watch for free on YouTube, Click Here), the incredible and inspiring true story of Australian businessman Joe Cross and his literal and spiritual journey from a fat, sick, heavily medicated, and nearly dead condition back to good health! Joe's voice is one of the most significant of our generation calling people to a higher plant-based diet and lifestyle pathway.

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Dr. Gabriel Cousens. Source of information regarding Dr. Cousen's pioneering research showing how to reverse diabetes with a raw food diet, and for his excellent DVD "Simply Raw - reversing diabetes in 30 days". Please note - my inclusion of Dr. Cousen's here is not an endorsement of his New Age brand of spirituality.

icon arrow,, by Paul Nison. Florida-based Messianic ministry with special unction to teach about health and the importance of raw food, critical Torah truths, and inward and outward modesty. Source for many useful supplements and health-promoting items. Sign up online to receive Paul's frequent health and Torah video updates for free..

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